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In the dynamic world of travel, the ability to access real-time information about flight availability and schedules is paramount. Amadeus, a leading global distribution system (GDS), empowers travel professionals with robust commands that provide comprehensive insights into flight options.
This article explores Amadeus Availability and Schedule commands, highlighting their role in boosting travel planning efficiency and precision.

Encoding And Decoding

Availability Commands:

  1. Real-Time Flight Information:
    Amadeus’s Available command ensures real-time access, keeping agents updated on seat availability and flight times.
  2. Quick Availability Checks: The “AN” command streamlines quick availability checks for specific routes, dates, and times, aiding client flight selection.
  3. Flexible Search Parameters: Amadeus allows flexible availability searches, refining parameters for airlines, cabin classes, and connecting airports, tailoring the search experience.
Neutral AvailabilityAN
Availability by arrival timeAA
Availability by departure timeAD
Availability by elapsed timeAE

Schedule Commands:

You can see flights for airline carriers and those who don’t enable reservations to access their flights in Amadeus by using “SN”.

  1. Access to Comprehensive Schedules: Amadeus’s Schedule commands aid agents by providing detailed flight schedules, including frequency and timing information.
  2. Flight Timetables for Informed Planning: Travel agents can utilize commands like “ST” to access complete flight timetables for specific airlines, facilitating thorough schedule planning and ensuring clients have a clear overview of their travel options.
  3. Multi-Carrier Schedule Displays: Amadeus goes beyond individual airline schedules, offering multi-carrier schedule displays. This feature enables agents to compare and choose the most convenient and efficient options for their clients.
Neutral ScheduleSN
Schedule by arrival timeSA
Schedule by departure timeSD
Schedule by elapsed timeSE

Unless otherwise specified, these codes can be used with any of the entries and options listed for Availability and Schedules. Since the AN code has been used in all the examples, simply replace it with AA, AD, AE, SN, SA, SD, or SE to request the corresponding display.
Also note that all basic entries can be used in combination with any of the display options

Currency Conversion

Basic Entries: One-Way Routing Availability

Basic Entries: Round Trip

Round-trip routing, specified dates and timesAN11JULMADCPH8A*23AUG2P
Round trip, returning on the same dayAN11JULMADCPH*
Departure on current day, local timeANMADSCL*11JUL1200
Carrier-preferred displayANCO11JULHOULAS*15JUL2P
Seven-day searchAN/11JULMADBKK*29JUL7A

Basic Entries: Dual City Pair

Second pair a number of days laterAN11JULMADCPH*+4STOBCN
Same day availabilityAN9JULMADFRA*DUSBCN
Carrier-preferred displayANTG5OCTBKKJKT*9OCTHKGSIN
Open-jaw availabilityAN12OCTFRAMAD*BCN
Search previous and next daysAN15JULSINBKK/S+2
Seven-day searchAN/8FEBANCNOU*//3MARPPTANC

Display Options

Airline preference (maximum six)AN11JULMADCPH13/ASK,IB
Airline preference for at least one segmentAN11JULDUBMEX/AEI,YY
Availability for a specific flight numberAN11JULATHROM/AAZ717
Include non-participating airlines (schedules only)SN30SEPLHRJFK/AYY
Operating flights onlyAN15JANLONSYD/A+BA
Exclude specific airlines (up to three)AN11JULMADCPH/A-SK,IB
All airlines in an alliance: Star Alliance (*A) One World Alliance (*O) Sky Team Alliance (*S)AN15JANLONNYC/A*A
Number of seats (maximum nine)AN11JULSINFRA/B3
Specified cabin type (maximum two)AN11JULSINSYD/KF,C
Specified classes (maximum three)AN11JULLHRBOM/CF
Specified classes on at least one segmentAN15SEPJFKAMS/CF,Y,+
Specified classes on all segmentsAN15SEPJFKAMS/CF-Y
Frequent flyer redemption classesAN01NOVLONMAN/ABA/RRED
Time windowAN12JUNLHRFRA1000/W2,3
Connecting city, minimum connecting timeAN11JULMADTYO14/XBKK
Connecting city, specified connecting timeAN11JULMADTYO15/XBKK150
Connecting cities (up to two)AN11JULLONTYO14/XBKKHKG
Connecting cities, specified connecting timeAN11JULLONTYO14/XBKK150HKG120
Exclude a connecting city (up to two)AN11JULLONTYO14/X-BKK
Non-stop flights onlyAN11JULLAXNYC/FN
Direct flights onlyAN11JULLAXNYC/FD
Connections onlyAN29APRLAXNYC/FC
Online connections onlyAN29APRBRENYC/O
Specific connections (maximum three)AN15JULPARSYD/XLON,FRA,BKK
Specific connections, all connect points (maximum five)AN15JULPARSYD/XLONBKKSIN
Flights with meals onlyAN29APRNCEMRS/FM
Charter flights onlyAN29APRYOWFLL/DC
Scheduled flights onlyAN29APRYOWFLL/DS
Both scheduled and charter flightsAN29APRYOWFLL/DM
Combination of flight optionsAN11JULLAXNYC/FN,D,M
Time in 12-hour clock formatAN29APRJKTPER/T12
Time in 24-hour clock formatAN29APRJKTPER/T24
European Union zone neutral displayAN29APRSYDTYO/ZEU
United States zone neutral displayAN29APRSYDTYO/ZUS
Expand horizontal display (79 characters)AN29APROSLCPH/H-ON
Reduce horizontal display (64 characters)AN29APRATHCDG/H-OFF
Expand vertical display (12 flights)AN29APRCDGLIS/V-ON
Reduce vertical display (six flights)AN29APRCDGLIS/V-OFF
Availability with discount (product availability)AN28APRMPLCAS/RCH

Amadeus continues to be a reliable partner for travelers in the constantly changing travel industry. Amadeus’s Schedule and Availability commands exemplify its commitment to intuitive tools, simplifying travel organization complexities for professionals. Amadeus leads in tech, ensuring swift, precise info for travel agents, delivering unparalleled customer service with cutting-edge solutions.

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