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Amadeus, a leading global distribution system (GDS) in the travel and tourism industry, empowers travel professionals to seamlessly navigate the complexities of booking and managing travel-related services. Among its myriad functionalities, Amadeus offers the capability to converting currency and manipulate date-time settings, ensuring flexibility and convenience for travel agents and their clients. In this article, we explore how Amadeus facilitates currency conversion and date-time adjustments to enhance the efficiency of travel transactions.

Encoding and Decoding

Currency Conversion in Amadeus:

  1. Getting Access to Currency Information: Amadeus offers a global database of currencies. Travel agents can access real-time exchange rates, guaranteeing their clients receive accurate and current information.
  2. Converting Prices: Amadeus enables travel agents to easily convert prices into various currencies for effective quoting and booking. When displaying prices in a preferred currency or interacting with foreign clients, this feature is especially helpful.
  3. Commands for Converting Currencies: Amadeus uses simple commands to convert currencies. For instance, fast and accurate conversion is possible when the “FX” command is used with the quantity, source, and destination currencies. This guarantees that travel agents can give customers accurate pricing details in the currency of their choice.
Convert a specific amount of a currency, using the default currency of your terminalFQC100EUR
Convert a specific amount, using a country codeFQC100SEK/*GB
Convert a specific amount, using a city codeFQC100SEK/*LON
Convert a specific amount, using a currency codeFQC120GBP/EUR
Convert, using a designated BSR of 1.35FQC250GBP/EUR1.35
Convert, using today’s BBRFQC120GBP/EUR/B
Convert, using today’s ICH rateFQC120GBP/EUR/C
Convert at today’s BSR, BBR, and ICH ratesFQC120GBP/EUR/A
Convert from a designated currency to a NUCFQC1000EUR/NUC
Convert from a NUC to a designated currencyFQC37.87NUC/EUR
Convert currencies up to 12 months in the pastFQCGBP/NOK/15FEB11
Convert currencies up to 12 months in the past, using a country codeFQC100GBP/*NO/15SEP11
Convert currencies up to 12 months in the past, using a city codeFQC100GBP/*OSL/15SEP11

Date-Time Management in Amadeus:

  1. Flexible Date Entry:
    Amadeus accommodates diverse date formats, allowing agents flexibility to enter dates such as day-month-year or month-day-year, meeting global preferences.
  2. Flexible Date Ranges: Travel schedules frequently include adjustable dates. Travel agents can now investigate different itineraries and identify the best options for their clients by using Amadeus’s support for date range adjustments.
  3. Time Zone Consideration: By enabling agents to designate time zones, Amadeus makes managing international travel easier. This guarantees precise scheduling and guards against potential scheduling errors.

Metric Conversions in Amadeus:

  1. Unit Conversion: Amadeus adds metric conversions to its list of features. When working with different measurement units for weights, distances, or other parameters, this is especially helpful.
  2. Metric Conversion Commands: Travel agents can easily traverse a variety of measurement systems thanks to the system’s precise commands for converting units. For instance, straightforward commands like “CONV” combined with the value and the intended units make conversions go more quickly.
Miles to kilometersDKMK50Kilometers to milesDKKM80
Celsius to FahrenheitDKCF32Fahrenheit to CelsiusDKFC90
Pounds to kilogramsDKPK 20Kilograms to poundsDKKP 9


The ability to handle metric conversions, manage date-time preferences, and convert currencies are essential in the fast-paced world of travel. Amadeus streamlines currency, date-time, and metric conversions with intuitive commands, ensuring precision and efficiency for travel professionals worldwide. Its extensive databases and user-friendly interface empower agents to effortlessly manage diverse client needs, providing a seamless and efficient experience. Amadeus’s commitment to technological innovation positions it as a leader, offering state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the precision of global travel transactions. Through continuous advancements, Amadeus remains a trusted partner, ensuring efficient and accurate travel experiences across diverse international landscapes.

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