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For travel industry experts, the Amadeus Global Distribution System (GDS) acts as a central hub where they can access and manage a multitude of information, including airline schedules. The ability to display timetables is a critical feature of Amadeus that enables users to quickly and easily obtain comprehensive information about aircraft schedules. To facilitate a thorough learning experience, we’ll cover all the necessary commands, use cases, and commonly asked questions in this article’s comprehensive guide on how to display schedules in Amadeus.

Understanding Timetable Display:

The timetable display in Amadeus provides a snapshot of available flights between specific city pairs on given dates. This information is invaluable for travel agents and professionals seeking to assist clients in finding suitable flights based on their preferences and schedules.

Step-by-Step Guide: Displaying Timetables in Amadeus

Step 1: Log In to Amadeus

Begin by logging into the Amadeus GDS system using your credentials.

Step 2: Access the Timetable Display Menu

Navigate to the Timetable Display menu. This is usually found in the main menu under a section named “Timetable” or similar.

Timetable Display Codes

Neutral TimetableTNBy departure timeTD
By arrival timeTABy elapsed timeTE

These codes can be used with any of the entries and options. Simply replace TN with TA, TD, or TE to request the corresponding display.

Step 3: Enter City Codes and Date Range

Use the appropriate commands to input the city codes for the origin and destination, along with the desired date range for the timetable display.

Basic Entries

One-way routing, specified date, city pair, time


Departures from 0000 for a date in the future


Current day, specified time


Departure city is the same as the office profile


Current day, local time


Departure city is the same as the office profile, current day


Carrier-preferred display


Alliance display: Star Alliance (*A)


One World Alliance (*O)


Sky Team Alliance (*S)


Back to Amadeus display


Display Options

Flights operating on a specific day of the weekTN29AUGHOUMEX1430/WE
Airline preference (maximum three)TN29AUGFRAROM/ALH,AZ
Include airlines not participating in AmadeusTN11JULLTNNCE/AYY

Step 4: Review and Analyze Timetable Information

Once the information is entered, the system will display a detailed timetable with available flights, including departure and arrival times, flight numbers, and airline information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How do I display the timetable for a specific airline?

Ans: Use the airline code along with the city pair and date in the timetable command.


Q2: Can I display timetables for multiple destinations at once?

Ans: Yes, you can enter multiple city pairs separated by a hyphen.


Q3: Is there a way to filter the timetable by specific flight times?

Ans: Yes, you can use time qualifiers to filter results.

For example, TN/LHRMAD/15DEC/MO1230 will display flights departing after 12:30 on the specified date.


The ability to display timetables in Amadeus is essential for travel industry experts. With the help of this extensive manual, a list of instructions, and frequently asked questions, students will be able to obtain and analyze flight schedules with ease. Users will be better equipped to help clients make educated travel decisions as they become more accustomed to these commands.

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