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IPL Mini Auction 2024 Date Time:

 A total of 333 players are included in the mini auction of IPL 2024, out of which only a maximum of 70 players will be bid. The total purse of all the teams is Rs 262.95 crore. However, this time too the biggest bid is expected to be placed on a foreign player.

IPL 2024 Auction Start Time Full Players List Updated Squads Base Price Purse Remaining and Slots Available

आईपीएल 2024 ऑक्शन – फोटो : अमर उजालाReactionsReactions

Detailed Information

The auction of players for IPL 2024 will be held in Dubai. This is the first time that IPL auction is being held outside the country. This is a mini auction and all the teams already have most of the players. In this auction, all the franchises would like to further balance their team by buying some new players. Mega auction is to be held next year in IPL 2025. This is the last mini auction before this. In such a situation, all the teams would like to ensure that the five players they want in the team for the next five years are in the team this year so that they can be retained before the auction next year. Here we will try to give every information related to the auction by answering some questions.

How many players will be included in this auction?

According to BCCI, a total of 1166 players had registered themselves for the auction this year. Of these, 333 players have been shortlisted for the auction. There are 214 Indian and 119 foreign players in it. Of these 333 players, there are 116 who have played for their country and 215 who have no experience in international cricket. Two players are from Association countries. The 10 teams have a total of 77 vacant players, out of which 30 are foreign players.

When and where will the auction take place?

This auction will be held in Dubai, this is the first time that the IPL auction is being held outside the country.

IPL 2024 Auction Start Time Full Players List Updated Squads Base Price Purse Remaining and Slots Available

आईपीएल 2024 ऑक्शन – फोटो : अमर उजाला

How much money is in which team’s purse?

Gujarat Titans have the most money as they traded their captain Hardik Pandya to Mumbai Indians in the trade window. Gujarat has Rs 38.15 crore. This team has to buy eight players, including two foreigners. At the same time, the Lucknow team has the least money in its purse. Lucknow has Rs 13.15 crore. In this amount, this team will try to buy a total of six players, which also includes one foreigner. All the franchises have a total of Rs 262.95 crore to buy 77 players.

टीमपैसे खर्चे(रुपये में)बकाया पर्स (रुपये में)उपलब्ध स्लॉटविदेशी स्लॉट
चेन्नई सुपरकिंग्स68.6 करोड़31.4 करोड़63
दिल्ली कैपिटल्स71.05 करोड़28.95 करोड़94
गुजरात टाइटंस61.85 करोड़38.15 करोड़82
कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स67.3 करोड़32.7 करोड़124
लखनऊ सुपर जाएंट्स86.85 करोड़13.15 करोड़62
मुंबई इंडियंस82.25 करोड़17.75 करोड़84
पंजाब किंग्स70.9 करोड़29.1 करोड़82
रॉयल चैलेंजर्स बैंगलोर76.75 करोड़23.25 करोड़63
राजस्थान रॉयल्स85.5 करोड़14.5 करोड़83
सनराइजर्स हैदराबाद66 करोड़34 करोड़63
कुल737.05 करोड़262.95 करोड़7730
Source- Amar Ujala

How will the auction take place?

Players are divided into 19 different sets. There are many sets like batsman, fast bowler, all-rounder, spin bowler, capped and uncapped. Bidding will be done on the basis of each set. There will be an auction of capped players and then uncapped players. The base price of total 23 players is Rs 2 crore. It includes players like Mitchell Marsh, Umesh Yadav and Shardul Thakur. The base price of 13 players is Rs 1.5 crore.

Which big players will not participate in the auction?

Many big players will not be included in IPL 2024. England’s Ben Stokes, Joe Root and Joffra Archer are also not part of this auction. At the same time, no team has shown interest in buying players like Kedar Jadhav, Liton Das and Shakib Al Hasan and BCCI has not included their names in the auction list.

Which players can get big bids this time?

Australia’s Mitchell Starc, who is returning to the IPL after eight years, may get the biggest bid this time. At the same time, teams can also spend crores on New Zealand’s Rachin Ravindra. Rachin’s base price is only Rs 50 lakh, but considering his performance in the ODI World Cup, he is sure to get a big bid.

IPL 2024 Auction Start Time Full Players List Updated Squads Base Price Purse Remaining and Slots Available

Arshin Kulkarni – Photo : Social Media

Which unknown players can become rich in this auction?
Players like Arshin Kulkarni, Kumar Kushagra and Musheer Khan can become millionaires in this auction. Arshin has played many brilliant innings for the India Under-19 team. He is capable of winning matches with both ball and bat.

Details of Timed Out Rule

Can teams still release or trade players?

The deadline for releasing and retaining players has ended. In such a situation, teams cannot release any player. Now every team has the same players who have been retained for this season. However, as per IPL rules, the trading window for players starts a month after a season ends and remains open till a week before the auction date. After the auction, the trade window remains open till one month before the start of the next season’s matches. Players will be able to trade again from December 20, the next day of the auction, until a month before the start of the 2024 season.

IPL 2024 Auction Start Time Full Players List Updated Squads Base Price Purse Remaining and Slots Available

Mallika Sagar will be seen conducting auction – Photo: WPL

Who are the auctioneers and when will the auction take place?

Mallika Sagar, who auctioned the female players 10 days ago, will also auction the male players. She is the first female auctioneer in IPL history. Last year, Hugh Edmeads conducted the auction. Now Mallika has been given this responsibility in her place. The player auction for IPL 2024 will begin at 11.30 am local time (1.00 pm IST) at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

Where can the auction be watched?

If you want to watch this auction on TV then you can watch it on Star Sports channel. At the same time, its live streaming on mobile phones can be seen on Jio Cinema app. To watch Star Sports channel, you need a subscription on the set top box, but you can watch this auction for free on your phone on Jio Cinema app.

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