One essential skill within Amadeus is How to Create a PNR (Passenger Name Record), a vital record containing traveler information. In this article, we will provide detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a PNR in Amadeus, complete with the necessary commands for a seamless learning experience.

A convenient way for recalling key PNR elements is the ‘PRINT’ code:

  • P- Phone Number
  • R-Received From
  • I-Itinery
  • N-Name
  • T- Ticketing Time Limit

Step 1: Logging In to Amadeus

Commence the PNR creation process by logging into the Amadeus GDS system using your credentials. Ensure you have the necessary access rights to initiate and manage PNRs.


Step 2: Accessing the PNR Creation Menu

Navigate to the PNR creation menu within Amadeus. Typically, this option can be found in the main menu under a section named “Create Passenger Name Record” or a similar heading.

Step 3: Entering Basic Passenger Information

Begin the PNR creation by inputting basic passenger details using the NM (Name) and AP (Address and Phone) commands.

Step 4: Adding Flight Information

Include flight details by using the SS (Segment Sell) command. Specify the airline code, flight number, date, and class of service.

Step 5: Reserving a Seat

If needed, reserve a seat for the passenger using the SSR (Special Service Request) command.

Step 6: Booking Additional Services

Book additional services such as meals or special requests using the OSI (Other Service Information) command.

Step 7: Confirming the PNR

Review the entered information and confirm the creation of the PNR using the EOT (End Of Transaction) command.

List Of Commands To Create PNR

Add a name element  NM1SMITH/JOHN MR
Sell one seat on line 2 in C class  SS1C2
Add a received-from element  RF MRS HENDERSON
Phone number – home  AP MUC 490 190-H
Enter e-mail address  APE-JSMITH@MAIL.COM
Ticketing time limit, specific hour  TKTL30JUN/1800


Creating a Passenger Name Record in Amadeus is a foundational skill for travel agents. This step-by-step guide, coupled with essential commands, equips users with the knowledge required to initiate and build PNRs efficiently. As users practice these commands, they will gain confidence in navigating the Amadeus GDS system and providing seamless service to their clients.

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